Choosing the Right Strip Width

4” Pedestrian – 4” PVC strip doors are ideal for restaurants and other small openings such as walk-in coolers and non-windy doorways where pedestrian traffic is common.

6” Pedestrian/Light Cart – 6” strips are ideal for walk-through coolers or freezers and other doorways that have pedestrian traffic and light cart traffic. They withstand the passage of cart traffic better than 4” strips.

8” Light Industrial – 8” vinyl strips are typically used in interior openings where cart, pallet jack and light forklift traffic is frequent, as well as in cold storage coolers and freezers. They can also be used on small exterior doorways with some air movement.

12” Industrial – 12” PVC strips are required where there is heavy lift-truck traffic such as in docks, doorways and cold storage coolers or freezers. They are useful to block air currents on exterior doorways and dock enclosures, and they also provide good sound abatement.

16” Heavy Industrial – 16” vinyl strip doors are for the most demanding, heavy duty applications including lift-truck or vehicle traffic in large dock, door or craneway openings. They help to reduce sand, dirt, chip and wind penetration. Not designed for pedestrian walk-through.