Determining Strip Overlap

The first step to selecting the proper strip overlap is to determine the type and volume of traffic your new strip door will be subjected to:

Pedestrian – Vinyl strip doors with primarily people passing through should utilize smaller width strips with less overlap. Consider using 6" or 8" material with 33% to 67% overlap. 4" PVC strips should be used only on very small openings with pedestrian only traffic. Smaller strips provide lower resistance to wind and will not hold up as well under heavier traffic such as forklifts or other motorized traffic.

Pallet Jacks/Trucks – If the opening is subjected to frequent, heavier traffic such as pallet jacks or trucks, you need a PVC strip door that will withstand the heavier material but also accommodate the person walking with the truck. Therefore, we typically recommend either 6" material with 67% overlap, or 8" with 25% or 50% overlap.

Forklift Traffic – In order to endure the abuse of heavier forklift traffic, larger vinyl strip sizes are typically utilized. However, the type of load the forklift typically moves needs to be taken into consideration, as the PVC strips will drag over it. If lighter loads are typically carried, strips that are too large may drag product off of the forklift. We typically recommend either 8" strips with 50% to 100% overlap or 12" strips with 25% to 50% overlap.

25% Strip Overlap Image 50% Strip Overlap Image 75% Strip Overlap Image 100% Strip Overlap Image
25% Overlap 50% Overlap 75% Overlap 100% Overlap

Other Considerations: The Opening Size to Load Ratio

If your opening is small in relation to the size of the load being transported you should consider using smaller PVC strips with less overlap as the strips will be more prone to drag over the load. For example, on a 96" high opening with an 84" high typical load, we would recommend using 8" strips versus 12" strips.

Conversely, you should consider going to larger vinyl strips and/or more overlap when placing a strip door in larger openings or those with draft conditions.