Material Thickness

In PVC strip talk, the thickness refers to how dense the vinyl material is. At we have 4 options to choose from:

.060" – The thinnest available material and is a great choice for walk-in coolers, freezers and doorways with pedestrian and light cart traffic.

.080" – Ideal in small exterior doorways with some air movement, as well as cold storage coolers and freezers. It can be used with carts, pallet jacks and light forklift traffic.

.120" – Can be used where there is heavy lift-truck traffic such as in loading docks, doorways and cold storage coolers or freezers. It is okay for use in exterior doorways and provides good sound attenuation.

.160" – is applicable for heavy duty lift-truck or vehicle traffic in large dock, door or craneway openings. It helps to reduce sand, dust, chip and wind penetration, but is not designed for pedestrian walk-through.

.060 Strip Thickness .080 Strip Thickness .120 Strip Thickness .160 Strip Thickness
.060" thickness .080" thickness .120" thickness .160" thickness

Please note: When selecting your material thickness, your choices will be limited depending on the type of materials and strip width that you have selected.