Reach Through Strips

Stripdoors Online Installed Reach Through Strips Reach Through Strips are a cost effective and energy efficient solution for your open-front refrigerated cases. Stripdoorsonline Reach Through Strips have a sanitary appeal, conserve energy, save money, and even extend the life of your product and cases! Our clear Reach Through Strips can be used during open store hours, keeping refrigeration loss to a minimum, which results in warmer case aisles and happy customers!

Advantages and Features

  • Quick and easy Installation and maintenance
  • Conserve energy
  • Avoids re-wrap
  • Sanitary appeal
  • Operates effectively with all refrigerated cases
  • Direct cold air flow on vertical type cases with in-line open fronts
  • Each strip measures 24” wide by 72” long
  • Should be ordered by lineal foot, one size fits all
  • Available in clear only

Clear Reach Through Strips

Clear Reach Through Strips Image

Clear Reach Through Strips are the perfect solution to any open-front refrigerated case, allowing for 24 hour product protection and happy customers.

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