Replacement Strips

Stripdoors Online Replacement Strips Stripdoorsonline offers fast turn around and guaranteed quality all at a better cost! We maintain high quality and control costs in every aspect of replacement strip production. We maintain a large stock of PVC replacement strips in a variety of colors and formulations in order to meet short lead times. All vinyl replacement strips are extruded from self-extinguishing PVC with rounded edges to protect your personnel and products. We offer replacement strips for many applications such as a cooler applications, freezer applications, weld screen areas, temperature control applications, loading dock stations, or even an animal door in your home! As you browse through the largest selection of strip material in the industry, you are surely going to find exactly what you need!

Advantages and Features

  • Quick and easy Installation and maintenance
  • Acts as a secondary barrier in places where doors may be left open
  • Acts as a barrier to debris and unwanted pollutants
  • Remains pliable to temperatures as low as -20°F
  • Decreases noise travel

Standard Clear PVC Strips

Standard Clear Roll Image

Clear PVC strips are commonly used in indoor and outdoor applications with ambient temperatures ranging from 20°F to 150°F.

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USDA Low Temp PVC Strips

Low Temp Roll Image

Low temp strips are perfect for freezer applications down to -40°F and can be used in areas where USDA accepted material is required.

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USDA Low Temp Reinforced PVC Strips

Reinforced Low Temp Roll Image

Reinforced with nylon to remain pliable in freezer temperatures and withstand heavier traffic applications including fork lift traffic.

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Loc Rib Clear PVC Strips

Clear Loc Rib Roll Image

Loc-Rib vinyl strips preserve strip clarity with raised ribs, absorbing abrasions and resisting scratches from passing loads.

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Loc Rib USDA Low Temp PVC Strips

Clear Loc Rib Low Temp Roll Image

Raised ribs help minimize air flow in coolers and freezers and can be used in areas where UDSA accepted material is required.

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Amberweld PVC Strips

Amberweld Roll Image

Vinyl strips specially formulated to screen out the UV and near UV rays from welding and brazing flash.

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Anti-Static Vinyl PVC Strips

Anti-Static Roll Image

Anti-static PVC strips are formulated to dissipate static electricity away from personnel and sensitive equipment.

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Color or Tint

Color or Tint Roll Image

Stripdoorsonline offers attractive, opaque colored strip curtains for areas where a clear door isn’t desired.

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