Customer Testimonials

PVC Strip Dog DoorMy order was very small. I only needed a 13 1/2" wide by 22" long door.

But your service people called me to give me some advice and made me feel it was a million dollar order and the most important one in the house. I wish I could remember the name of the gentleman, I think his first name was Tim or Tom, so I could thank him by name.

Anyway, your service was great! I received my order within a week and my dog, a Westie, loves it.

M. Thommen - Louisville, KY

Strip Door on a Horse BarnI had seen strip doors used in warehouse doors but never on a horse barn. We wanted a way to let the horses have 24-hour access to their paddocks and still keep the inside of our unheated arena as warm as possible. Since we weren't sure how the horses would respond, we started with just two doors. The horses in those stalls were at first reluctant to push against the strips, but after we tied a few strips to the side (so that they could see a gap) it didn't take them long to stick their head through, and the rest was easy. I was concerned that the feel of the strips along their flanks would "spook" them, and they did tend to run through the doors at first, but after a few trips they stopped doing that.

Now that they've learned how to use them, it's like they aren't even there! Except for the comfort: it gets below freezing every night, and we only find a thin layer of ice on the water buckets on the coldest mornings. (It got as low as 1.5 F one night last month).

As a mechanical design engineer, I was very interested to see how the doors were built, the quality of the materials, etc. I wouldn't have done it any differently if I had designed it myself. We are very happy with the these strip doors and plan to put them on all twelve of our stall doors.

I was also impressed that your online ordering system allows the buyer to choose from every conceivable option and recalculates the price automatically so that you can see the difference that each option makes. All in all, I found the vinyl strip doors from to be of excellent quality, tremendously versatile and - best of all - they were the lowest cost of every other place I shopped for them. We thank you, and our horses thank you too!

Eric Renard - Atlantis Farm - Fort Lupton, CO

Strip Door on an Elephant BarnThe strip doors have made a tremendous difference in terms of energy efficiency at our elephant barn. The doors, as you see in the photo, are required to remain open at night to allow the elephants access outdoors. During the colder winter months, the interior of the barn is heated, thus you can imagine the amount of energy that was being wasted, trying to keep the interior temps. at 60 degrees. Our 2 female African elephants, Tara and Kelly, don't seem to mind negotiating through the flaps as they come and go from the building.

We estimate the flaps will save us nearly $1000 in reduced heating costs each winter season.

C. Rdzanek - Atlanta, GA

Strip Door on an Animal BarnWe love our strip door! As I said before, you were so very helpful in helping me order the right size door and it was perfect! And like your website says, it was quite east to install. We have been having some very frigid and extremely windy weather lately here in Indiana and the strip door is doing a great job of keeping the worst of it out of our little barn. The strips are well made, sturdy and easy enough for smaller critters to push through. Our critters have free choice to go in and out so the strip door is getting a LOT of use! I go out to feed twice a day so I am going through the strips 8 to 10 times a day myself to bring out numerous tubs of hay for them.

Our sheep (Cait and Duglas) and pony (Joy) had no problem going through the strip door right off the bat. But our mini (Cassie) took a couple of weeks before she was comfortable with using it. She is now an old pro at it. Just left a few strips pulled back and let them down one at a time till she was comfortable with it.

Thanks for all your help and a wonderful product!!!

D. Long - Valparaiso, IN - November 2013

Strip Door to help control room temperatureThis was exactly what we needed to section off a part of our house that was less insulated than the rest. For years we had been using an insulated curtain, but it blocked the sunlight. This is perfect. We have pets, so I bought the anti-static strips. After a week the pets are going through it without much hesitation. My husband says it's the best idea I've ever had.

D. Ryan - Londonderry, NH - November 2013

Excellent ordering help from your team and fast shipping. Great visibility on the order until delivery. Thank you!

M Morgan - Lansing, MI - July, 2015

Being completely unfamiliar with strip doors, I did a web search and looked at a few companies. StripDoors Online had the best prices, the most customization, and the most information available for a beginner like me. There are a lot of different strip doors, but their online site had lots of helpful tips to make sure I got what would work best in my spaces and for my usage. And once we got the order finalized, the doors were here in just a few days. Great job!

P. Ramsay - January, 2014

Ordering was quick and simple, delivery was extremely quick, installation was a piece of cake. As far as the product's use, it has done exactly what we were looking for. Highly recommend this company and their products.

B. Euritt - January, 2014

Quick and easy, good price, and easy to install.

P. Hesse - January, 2014

We have been purchasing product from StripDoorsOnline for the past six months. The quality of the material we receive has been outstanding and the customer service exceptional. Our end customer often comments on how “high quality” our custom doors are. Thanks for the great service, we look forward to a long relationship.

F. Cardaropoli - December, 2014

Easy to order. Fair price. Easy to install. 100% satisfied.

R. Rhine - November, 2014

The product was exactly what I wanted and was easy to install with the brackets I purchased.

J. Hynd - November, 2014

Service was great.

S. Hood - November, 2014

Very easy website to navigate and get exact sizes without having to guess. Product arrived quickly and was extremely easy to install and does excatly what your company claimed it would do. Will definetly recommend to others. Thank you for making this easy.

Doug G. - October, 2014

Excellent product and customer service. I bought this to help keep the heat in my living room instead of having it go down a hallway. I close the rooms off at the end of the hallway during the winter time so I don’t need to heat the hallway. Works great, it’s made a significant difference it the living area which is consistently about 7 degrees warmer than the hallway on the other side of the curtain. Prior to installing it I would always get a cold draft from the hallway, I no longer can feel any cool draft and the living area retains the heat as I desired. Highly recommended.

Larry - October, 2014

I looked at several suppliers and liked the variety your company offered. I am using your product to install or replace doors on my dog house. Your product is superior to those offered by pet companies.
1. By purchasing your product, I will fabricate three doghouse doors at 1/3 of the cost for an inferior product.
2. Replacing doghouse doors.
3. Product arrived in a timely manner!
4. Product was easy to adapt for my use.
5. This product is superior to products sold by the pet industry.
6. Your web site was informative and allowed me to choose a product that allowed me to fabricate a product better than I could buy.
Thank you for offering a variety of products to choose from; and my dogs thank you also!

D. Loftin - October, 2014

The representative was very courteous and helpful. After talking through my situation, door measurements etc. and what I hoped to accomplish, I was easily convinced to go ahead and order and I'm glad I did.

M. Smith - July, 2014

Product was received exactly as specified using the website "custom build", including getting the special "comments" correct for dimensional adjustments required to fit our application.

R. Borel – Plain City, OH - July, 2014

Great Customer Service.

K. Sullivan– Rochester, NY - July, 2014

Thank you, everything was great with the purchase and the experience. Should we need more we will definitely come back to you.

F. Campbell – Camp Hill, PA - May, 2014

I very much liked the web site and in particular the build your own, very easy to understand and work with. Just want I was looking for!

B. Ord – Kingsley, PA - April, 2014

From our online search for product, through discussion with customer service rep, ordering, and then fantastic speed of delivery, we were very pleased and impressed. We live in Ottawa, ON, Canada and receiving our order in a week from Ohio was a real pleasant surprise. Well done, folks.

D. Kennedy - Ottawa, ON - March 2014

Let me just say that I had a very good experience buying from your company. The product was priced right, customer service was great to work with, and it came to us very quickly. It is also a high quality product, and was exactly as advertised. We have used you twice now, and will use you for any more strip material in the future. Thank you.

F. Taylor - Junction City, OR - March 2014

Easy to order, easy to install. A great, cost effective door.

W. Rehfeld - Chino, CA - March 2014

Thank you for the fast service, I use these strips on my horse's stall door opening, and the weather is dropping again for temp.  No one up here in Alaska has these strips and the companies that I called and asked about were double what I could purchase from you. Thank you for sending it out for me so very fast. Happy day to you.

T. Gerkman - Anchorage, AK - February 2014

Excellent Product, Fast Shipment & Great Customer Service!

J. Bergeron - Scottsdale, AZ - February 2014

Item was of great quality, custom sized, and easy to install.

D. Dingee - Norwalk, CT - February 2014

Product was simple to install and performed to expectations.

D. Harvey - Cape Fair, MO - January 2014

This was a product I knew nothing about. We were looking for a way to help block wind, rain and snow yet still allow our Alpacas free access to our barn. This was the only company (and I did my research) where real people actually answered when we called, provided clear product information to help us decide what would work the best and were able to build a door to our specifications. The door arrived within 2 or 3 days, exactly as ordered, packaged per our request with all of the parts. Installation was easily accomplished within 30 minutes and we are very happy with the product, as are our Alpacas. You folks need to share your recipe with other companies because you are doing everything right.

Jim - Campbellsport, WI - November 2013

The website was easy to use, the product was easy to find on the site. The price was reasonable and the delivery was received sooner than I expected and the quality is perfect. My dog is very happy because the door is easier for her to use. Thank you!

N. Simon - Napa, CA - October 2013

To minimize rain and snow from getting into our horses stalls we decided to purchase strip doors. We installed the strip doors a day before a storm was due ...nothing like waiting until the last minute! Both stall doors were done in less than an hour. Within 15 minutes we had both of our horses entering and exiting through the doors. They were jumpy at first, but within 24 hours they are treating the strip doors like they've always been there. An excellent product that was easy to assemble at a great price. Your customer service is the best I've ever dealt with; they helped us get exactly what we needed with response time in minutes! Thank you!

B. Traver - Simla, CO - October 2013

The delivery time was amazing! The cost for three strip doors, delivered, was GREAT! Well done!

A. Stanley - Hagerstown, MD - October 2013

It is a well-built product.

W. Nichols - Watertown, MA - October 2013

Great site, loved customized aspect, quality was great, and delivery and follow up by company via notifications, etc. was excellent.

W. Annin - Marlboro, NJ - September 2013

The material is exactly as described. Soft and durable, easy to install.

R. Petkova – Aztec, MN – September, 2013

No complaints. Better quality than what I had purchased from a local business here in Orlando several years ago. When the time comes I will again use your company.

J. Linn - Orlando, FL - September 2013

EXTREMELY PLEASED....ordering was easy....received product quickly, and was SIMPLE to install.....can't ask for much more than that!! I will be a return customer!!

B. Luckey - Minden, NV - August 2013

This is a good place to buy!

A. Stimor – Miami, FL – August 2013

Great product and arrived timely.

C. Foreman – Forney, TX – July 2013

The product was accurately described, easy to use and arrived in a timely manner. I am very pleased with it!

J. Mabry – Concord, NC – May 2013

Great prices and quality products!

M. Castillo – Huntington Park, CA – May 2013

The product was accurately described, easy to use and arrived in a timely manner. I am very pleased with it!

J. Mabry – Concord, NC – May 2013

Parts department was great. They looked up my order and knew what I wanted.

J. Coman - Tulsa, OK - May 2013

Customer service was very helpful in making my decision to buy your product. I was very impressed with the service I received.

T. Tamsen - Wausau, WI - April, 2013

Easy to order. Good price. Quality products. Fast shipping. The things a customer expects from a company when buying online.

M. Triglianos - Brooklyn, NY - April 2013

Good customer service via chat.

V. Finazzo - Jamaica, NY - March, 2013

Best bang for your buck, excellent service, and very fast delivery.

F. Pearson - Fredericton, New Brunswick - March 2013

This a quality product with a very competitive price and fast effective customer service and web response.

G. Dinelle - Saint-Georges, Quebec - March, 2013

My experience with StripDoorsOnline was great! Online ordering was easy with various sizes and choices easily understood, product is top of the line quality at a discount price. Installation was fast and easy, project was done in less time than expected.

C. Vanbriggle - Erie, PA - February 2013

The way an honest business works.

J.Teets - Portland, OR - February, 2013

The Door strip we ordered was perfectly sized and very easy to install with just basic tools. It will save us a lot of energy in the summer heat here in Arizona.

C. Panfili - Phoenix, AZ - January, 2013

Great website, easy ordering, excellent delivery time, simple install - I will be ordering another one soon. Thank you.

P. Van Kralingen - Pacoima, CA - December, 2012

The single-most thing about dealing with your company was the helpfulness of your sales department. I was directed to get specific info and then we were able to determine the exact material and measurements for our specific need. I wish all purchases could be as easy.

S. Lenhardt - Toledo, OH - December, 2012

Very helpful customer service, took a lot of time to explain the differences.

K. Taylor - Parker, CO - December, 2012

The service and price was better than expected. Many other sites charged twice as much for the same item.

S. Miller - Green Bay, WI - December, 2012

Product was simple to install and performed to expectations.

J. Bramm - Brownsville, WI - November 2013

Wow! I am impressed! My order arrived last Friday, just as ordered and packaged as requested. All the parts were there. Everything was perfect and it installed very easily. This product is everything your website and you said it was and you did everything I asked. Thank you very much Tom. I will be going to your website next to express my satisfaction. Feel free to share this email with those up the food chain. You folks do it right.

J. Labutka - Homer City, PA - November, 2012

Great product, quick shipping. I liked the usability of the website and the ease of finding the product I wanted without hassle.

R.Kirkpatrick - Eureka, CA - November, 2012

We needed this product to close off an area without closing it up. This strip door was the perfect product. The price was affordable, I was surprised how fast we got it, and it was very easy to install with excellent directions. I would definitely refer your product to others. We needed to keep an area in our building at a certain temperature. This door allowed us to do that and still see thru the door.

O. Blacketer - Rockville, IN - October, 2012

Wonderful product - easy website to use - easy to install - perfect situation all the way around. Thank you!!

D. Wood - Casper, WY - October, 2012

The shipping of the product was about as fast as one could get it. One of the fastest services that I've experienced. I've already recommended it to another person. The use of vinyl strips for air control for a cold room and possible dust control is best served with this product. Glad I am utilizing it for these reasons and wish I would've had something like this before with my other rooms for cold storage handling.

C. Krause - Glenham, SD - October, 2012

The customer service department was very helpful during the ordering and installation process.

S. Wade - Amsterdam, NY - September, 2012

I will definitely use Stripdoors Online when I need to order curtain strips again. It was easy to see the product on the web site and get the product I wanted. The product was hole punched and perforated exactly how I needed them!

R. Satches - Albuquerque, NM - September 2012

Online ordering was easy, delivery time good, easy to install, and priced fairly.

T.Kieckhafer - Shawano, WI - August, 2012

Quick shipping and great customer service.

K. Mayberry - Muskegon, MI - August, 2012

Great product, with quick delivery.

N. Jones - Erie, CO - August, 2012

Good feedback and help from site and phone call. Material received in good shape and shipping was prompt. Item functions as represented.

T. Lutkehaus - Granbury, TX - Aug, 2012

My new dog stripdoor just survived Tropical Storm Debby and no rain entered my house via my new stripdoor. My wife shows and breeds Scottish Deerhounds and French Bulldogs. So we know the needs of dog owners and other breeders. Most breeders like us have more than your average 'household' of 1 or 2 dogs. We have 3 deerhounds and 3 bulldogs. We know other breeders who have 10 or more adult dogs at anyone time. In our case we needed a door that was durable, cost effective, and would easily handle whatever dog we may have.

J. Dolph - Fountain, FL - May, 2012

It is a quality product, the tech support answered my questions and helped carry me through ordering it online and it was shipped promptly.

L. Alster - Charleston, SC - May, 2012

I found your web site most helpful. We will be using it to separate the rear of a building where there is a roll up door that employees like to leave open but that affects the thermostat. Received in a timely manner. Have yet to install.

J. Paden - Goleta, CA - April, 2012

The product was very simple to order, arrived quickly, and is a snap to install.

C. Choffat - Gilbert, AZ - February, 2012

The website was very easy to navigate, and the ordering process was easy. All I did was measure the space that we were hanging the door, put the measurements into the order form and select what I was using the door for. The company sites that I looked into for strip doors were more expensive, the estimating process took longer, I either had to convert my measurements or round them off to the nearest foot - I was not sure if what I was going to get was what I needed or not. Thank You for keeping it simple!

Megan Christensen - Hampden, ME - February, 2012

The product was top quality and expeditiously received.

C. Garcia - Chicago, IL - January, 2012

Very friendly and helpful sales staff. Met all of our needs.

C. Sarno - Topsfield, MA - January, 2012

Response to my inquiry was handled in a very timely manner, the customer service was great and it was a very easy process. Will definitely do business again in the future.

B. Montgomery - Sikeston, MO - December, 2011

This was my first time ordering from Product was delivered in record time and was exactly as described. A++++

Dennis S. - Eugene, OR - December, 2011

Customer service was very helpful and timely. The website was easy to navigate. We will be more than happy to refer others to you.

C. Weiland - Alda, NE - November, 2011

First experience with strip doors. Installed without any problems. Very pleased with your products!!

T. McCoy - Star Lake, NY - November, 2011

The order process, as well as customization required, was handled efficiently and quickly. A real treat considering the long lead times I often encounter.

R. Laabs - Seneca, IL - November, 2011

Very prompt and courteous service. The product was exactly what I expected.

G. Wilson - Chelsea, AL - October, 2011

Great experience - I wish all online merchants thought this carefully about their customers.

H. Al-Hilali - Kirkland, WA - October, 2011

I was impressed with the time frame you got back to me--matter of less than a minute. Your people were professional and they did what they said they would do, and when!

C. Sprinkle - Savannah, GA - September, 2011

The site is user friendly and the product is strong and durable.

R. Harris - Hartley, DE - September, 2011

We just wanted to take a moment to tell you how pleased we are with our recent Strip Door order. We went online at the website and "built" our door. The directions were excellent. Delivery was quick. It was easy to install. We love our Strip Door! It\'s just what we needed! Thank you!

T. Love - Arlington, WA - July, 2011

This was used to keep our patio door open so our dogs could move freely from house to patio. Great customer service! I wasn't sure what the product was like, so they sent me a sample which helped in my decision in buying from this company.

J. Vaughan - Tampa, FL - July, 2011

The door was very well made and served its purpose! It is quality material for HALF the price of other websites! It is also very awesome and helpful to be able to put your own measurements to the door you want. It is unlike any other website I have found.

A. Douglas - Creola, AL - July, 2011

It was exactly what I needed at a great price. I live in a small studio apartment with limited electrical service available. I can only use a single small room A/C. I have to separate my main room from the kitchen and bath both have skylights to have any chance at cooling the room. This product was perfect. I got 2 two foot sections but the doorway was only 44 inches. I cut 4 inches off of one of the mounting bars and overlapped the two strip sections the same 4 inches when I hung them. Perfect! I had it installed in less than a half hour. The ability to easily remove the strip sections and leave the hanging hardware is more than I could ask for. I only need the door for the warmest 3 or 4 months of the year. Thanks!

M. Danna - New York, NY - June, 2011

We love your door strips - they were easy to install - and the clear plastic is the best - you have a good view looking out and in through them. And the price is great too!

L. Kenney - Salisbury, NC - June, 2011

Website was very easy to navigate, making it easy to find, select and order exactly what I needed. Price was good as well. THANKS!!

W. Thompson - San Angelo, TX - May, 2011

I've been extremely satisfied with the ease of ordering, products offered and fast shipment. Everything was attached in less than an hour. I have cut down the dust flow from my shop into the living spaces by at least 90%. . . . Definitely a happy customer.

M. Sprecher - Las Vegas, NV - March, 2011

We are extremely happy with our strip door. The customer care we received was exemplary which started with your on-line support system right up to the time we placed our order.

L. Bacque - Uxbridge, ON - March, 2011

The product is of excellent quality, the price is fair, shipping was timely, and installation was simple! The website was user friendly and made the order so simple, it was a joy! I will order again in the future.

S. Weinstock - Meadow Vista, CA - March, 2011

Our strip door arrived quickly and well packaged. Assembly was extremely simple, it's a great feature to be able to replace individual strips when needed.

J. Shoap - Milton, DE - February, 2011

I deal with companies constantly via the internet and this is by far the best experience I have had. The ordering was easy, the shipping fast. I filled out the original feedback and expressed that I wasn\'t 100% satisfied. StripDoorsOnline went above and beyond to make it right. I highly recommend.

B. Williamson - Kendallville, IN - February, 2011

This company is easy to work with, the website is simple to navigate, caters to the need of the customer, has a quality product at reasonable prices and ships fast!

R. Carvin - San Angelo, TX - January, 2011

The selection wizard provided on your website made it easy to find the right door to fit my needs. The door installed easily and has been a great addition to our shop.

K. Covington - Owens Cross Roads, AL - December, 2010

I let my stallion run in and out of his stall all year long. These keep the wind and moisture out of the rest of the barn. We've used them in the warehouse and thought they might work for horses. They are great.

D. Newport - Ft. Wayne, IN - December, 2010

My husband installed this on a very cold evening almost in the dark, with my horse looking on. He was done much faster than he expected. It was not the ideal time to get my horse used to something so new, but he is going in and out with the strips pulled back a bit now. I know several people who have these for their horses and say they love them, so I'm hoping mine will learn to use it without hesitation...eventually! Meanwhile, at least part of the opening is protected.

P. Mansfield - Glouchester, MA - December, 2010

I should have found and called you folks years ago.

M. Blue - Cannon Falls, MN - December, 2010

I can not say enough positiive things about this company. I believe they use "old school" philosiphy as a business motto: Take care of your customers and they will always return and spread the word about your business. When I received my order and emailed the company about a problem with the product,they called me about the problem the following morning. They explained to me that the problem was on their end and offered several different options to resolve the problem at NO cost to me. I haven't had this type of response from a company in thirty years. I would classify this as an Honorable and Trustworthy company to do business with.

J. Morris - Knoxville, TN - December, 2010

We bought our strip door to keep cold air from escaping our walk-in when the door is opened. Your customer service was quick and thorough. The quality of the product exceeded my expectations and the shipping was fast. Thank You!!

J. Faye - Nevada City, CA - November, 2010

An exterior strip door was purchased to protect chickens in the coop from freezing weather. Delivery was fast, and the included instructions made installation easy. I would definately recommend both the product and because I found sales, accounting and customer service to be very pleasant.

R. Meiser - Essexville, MI - October, 2010

We purchased a strip door to contain heat in one specific area of an industrial research lab. The door has worked out perfectly; ordering was simple, and I received exactly what I needed. Installation was very simple, and the door is doing exactly what we wanted it to do.

J. Hogan - Addison, IL - September, 2010

We were very happy with our service from your company. Your web site was well laid out and very easy to navigate for a non-computer person. Installation was simple and delivery was quick. We were looking for a doorway to go from our greenhouse into an outdoor aviary so we could either let the birds have access to the greenhouse or not. We also wanted something that would be thick enough to keep the greenhouse temperature constant. Your strip doorway is perfect. It is just what we were looking for.

J. Johansen - Redlands, CA - August, 2010

When I went to your website, I found it informative and easy to navigate. I was told how to measure my door openings and submitted measurements for a quote on custom size doors. I was very pleased with the reasonable price and ordered two doors of different configuration. The doors arrived in a timely manner and I was able to hang both doors in about 1-1/2 hours.

R. McKendry - Sand City, CA - August, 2010

Very nice company with a great product. Easy to install and works great. They told the truth in their web site, which was easy to use. We bought our door to keep cold air in coolers and to keep the insects out. It was shipped in a timely manner, and I would recommend this product to others.

D. Tolentino - Columbia, MO - August, 2010

At first I wasn't sure this was going to work - it was too simple and the cost was a fraction of what others were charging. I received quotes from other manufacturers to purchase and install these Strip Doors, but they were outrageous and I refused to pay that kind of money, especially during these economic times. That's when I decided to do some more research and found . Couple of words for those thinking "should I do it myself?": yes - its fast, easy and cheap. Also, StripDoorsOnline has the staff and knowledge to help anyone get through any issue if you find any. Good Luck!

B. Hearn - Los Angeles, CA - July, 2010

I did not install these items. These were for a customer who guided me to your web site. Customer service was very helpful and quick to respond to my special shipping requirements. I placed my order with Tom in your sales office and he made it happen. Keep up the good work and thank you.

R. Parker - Calhoun, GA - June, 2010

The doors were easy to order and your company had the best selection I found. The doors arrived sooner than I expected which was great! and are good quality. I am very happy with your service and my purchase. Web site was easy to use and product was easy to install. Thank you.

G. Tanner - Round Rock, TX - April, 2010

I was very pleased with the customer service I received, starting from the very first question I asked you company's representative. He was polite and responded to all requests promptly. He was knowledgeable and able to answer all of my questions and concerns. The product arrived when it was promised; there were no delays.

L. Reichman - Panama City, FL - April, 2010

I was extremely impressed, from the ordering process through the installation process. The product is top quality. And I thought the price was very reasonable.

L. Blackhurst - Orlando, FL - March, 2010

Very professional product and service.

D. Riske - Athens, WI - March, 2010

We use it as a cat door between the garage and the house. We rent and didn't want to damage the apartment door. To purchase a hollow core door that is 96" tall and install a pet door would have cost $300, the strip door was less than half that much, including tax and shipping. It keeps the house insulated and allows the cat access to the garage.

M. Perry - Franklin, TN - February, 2010

I am using your product to eliminate drafts from my sliding glass door to my enclosed porch. Easy to install and does a good job. Thanks for a inexpensive and useful product.

T. Gates - Loveland, CO - January, 2010

I wanted to control heat loss from my shop. Searching for my desired product and ordering from StripDoorsOnline was an extremely easy and quick process. The product arrived promptly, installation was a snap. I would definitely recommend this product to others.

K. Strickland - Memphis, TN - January, 2010

I love the product and how it has performed... but most importantly, that we supported a product made in America!

D. Musk - Kalamazoo, MI - December, 2009

Service was prompt, product was as described and easy to install.

S. Smith - Salem, SC - December, 2009

Good service, great price, fast delivery time.

M. Scarpati - El Cajon, CA - November, 2009

Website was very easy to use - it guided me right through the order. I received it in a reasonable period of time. It was a snap to install - I only had to use a plain screwdriver and an open-ended wrench. Had it installed in less than 20 minutes. Very good quality. I would highly recommend to others.

C. Girard - Ft. Smith, AR - October, 2009

I used and I also talked to a customer representative. In both cases I was very happy with the results of my conversation. When my product arrived i was even more happy about how easy it was to install. It went up in about an hour and I've been loving it since!

P. DeGraff - Bangor, ME - October, 2009

I had a pleasant experience with my order from I found the site via a google search. I was looking to install the flaps as a doggie door for my screened porch. I needed to find customized strips in order to do so. I especially liked the ability to customize the strips that the internet site provided. The only other sites I had found sold only standard sizes that would not fit my needs. provided the product I needed. The order was shipped in a timely manner. The installation was easy and smooth. I would recommend the web site and product for anyone looking to install customized strip door flaps.

S. Purvis - Hatboro, PA - August, 2009