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Welcome to your online resource for Strip Curtains, PVC Roll Goods, Room Dividers / Industrial Curtains, Reach Through Strips, Clear Flexible Doors, Night Covers and Air Doors. Our goal is to help you save money, energy, improve comfort and increase safety. We offer a complete Custom Door Builder that lets you create the perfect sized door for your unique application. Our Room Dividers / Industrial Curtains are a great way to create an economical barrier separating multiple workspaces. PVC Strips and Clear Flexible Doors provide maximum visibility for safety while also creating a thermal barrier to help maintain room temps. Air Curtains can be heated or non-heated and create an invisible wind barrier against cold or warm air, insects and debris. Our Night Covers and Reach Through Strips extend shelf life and help protect perishables. offers guaranteed quality, faster turnaround, and you pay less because we have created a flexible workforce that enjoys meeting customer demand!

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