About Us

Corporate Headquarters - Ohio

Toll Free: 800.395.8704

E:Mail: [email protected]

Stripdoors Online Flex Character Flexing Hi, nice to meet you! I’m Flex. I was named after my strength and flexibility! I was manufactured in a factory located in Ohio. I started out as just your average PVC Bulk Roll material until someone saw the beauty in me and my potential to become the PVC Strip I am today.

Let me tell you a little bit about my company, StripdoorsOnline.com, but I do need to warn you that I tend to gush with enthusiasm and excitement towards my creator, but it’s because our quality is the best – just look at me and how ruggedly handsome I am!

Ok, so enough about me, let me tell you about StripdoorsOnline.com. We offer the industry’s widest range of PVC strip door products available. Our easily-installed and maintained strip door hardware is adaptable and easily configured to fit practically any application. That’s why for many years, warehouses, food service facilities, and manufacturing plants, among others, have turned to us to supply affordable vinyl strip curtains. But, we don’t just sell quality PVC material for strip doors, we also sell the best night covers, room dividers / industrial curtains, reach through strips, pvc roll goods, and flexible doors in the industry.

At StripdoorsOnline.com, you can have faster turnaround, guaranteed quality, and pay less because we have created a flexible workforce that enjoys meeting customer demand!