Flexible Doors

Stripdoors Online Installed Flexible Doors Clear Flexible Doors are designed for use as a secondary door in walk-in coolers and freezers and are also a great energy saving option. Stripdoorsonline Clear Flexible Doors help to maintain ambient temperatures by reducing cold air from escaping during times of frequent traffic moving in and out of the opening. For larger objects, such as pallet jacks and push carts, the top mounted pivot hardware provides maximum clearance to decrease the chance of any damage to your door opening. Our heavy-duty, top mounted, gravity operated hinges allow the door panels to open easily and close automatically. Two layers of black, reinforced vinyl-coated nylon make up the hinge pocket.

The door body is made of a single ply .120” clear PVC in order to provide as much visibility as possible. Any bi-parting models will have a 3” overlap at the center location.

Advantages and Features

  • Quick and easy Installation and maintenance
  • Conserves energy and helps maintain temperature
  • Reduces cold air from escaping your walk-in coolers and freezers
  • Top mounted pivot hardware
  • Single ply .120” clear PVC body type
  • Hinge pocket made up of reinforced black vinyl-coated nylon material
  • 3” overlap on bi-parting models
  • Heavy-duty, top mounted, gravity operated hinge

Clear Flexible Doors

Clear Flexible Doors Image

Clear Flexible Doors are a perfect secondary door to any walk-in cooler or freezer and are great for preserving temperature and energy.

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